139 Tuxedo Update

Dear Future Residents,

Welcome to your latest update for 139 Tuxedo. We are pleased to inform you that despite the rainy month, we were able to make good progress and have over 60 work people on site daily. The exterior walls are currently being treated with a weather membrane sealant with an expected completion date of Oct 13th. 100% of our concrete is poured and in place. Framing is complete on the 2nd floor. The 3rdand 4thfloor framing is underway. The 2nd floor plumbing is 90% complete with all bathtubs and shower bases in place. 3rd floor plumbing is 20% complete and the 4th floor plumbing has been laid out. 2nd floor electrical is 80% complete and the 3rd floor electrical contribution has begun. Balconies are currently being installed, we anticipate a mid-October completion date. The roof is 40% complete and construction is ongoing. Window installation begun today and will take approximately 45 days to complete. Furnaces in the parkade are to be installed this week. We anticipate the removal of the large crane by month end. 

We are currently finalizing the 3rd floor electrical, framing and plumbing changes in order to identify the final costs associated with any upgrades. All final quotes for electrical will be provided by SuperLite. The final quotes for the framing and plumbing will be provided by Karma and should be completed and sent out by mid-October. We have met with the electrician, framer and plumber and are currently reviewing all 4th floor work. 

2nd, 3rdand 4thfloor final review meetings are now complete and we are currently scheduling and conducting our review on the PH suites. A reminder to please bring all contracts, invoices and documents relating to your unit and upgrades to ensure all details are documented during your review.  


Myles Kraut   

President – Karma Development