139 Tuxedo Update

Dear Future Residents,

Welcome to your latest update for 139 Tuxedo. We are extremely happy with the progress we have made in November as December is typically a short month due to the holiday season.  We currently have approximately 60 work people working diligently on the interior of the building. The parapet walls are now in place with the roof insulation and membrane 50% complete. We have successfully enclosed the building with 100% of the windows installed. Temporary heat has been implemented on the 2nd and 3rd floor to keep everyone on site warm and allow productivity to keep pace. Our framers have completed the 4th floor and are 50% done the PH. The electrical contribution on the 2nd floor is complete and is ready for our January 2019 inspection. The 3rd floor is 95% and 4th floor is 20% complete. The plumbing contribution is also finished on the 2nd floor and ready for our January 2019 inspection. The 3rd floor is 90% and the 4th floor is 20% complete.

We have sent out the 4th floor framing, electrical and plumbing charges and ask that everyone reviews and mails or drops off payment to the Karma office. The PH is still under review and will be sent out in the new year.

It has come to our attention that a number of owners have been stopped while attempting to go on site to view their unit. Under no circumstance can any owner go on site without permission from Karma.This put us at risk of the entire site being shut down for violating safety practices. More importantly the danger of those going on site without the proper equipment putting themselves at risk of getting hurt. Again, no owner is allowed on site without the accompaniment of a Karma employee.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and new year.


Myles Kraut

President – Karma Development