139 Tuxedo Update

Dear Future Residents,

Welcome to your latest update for 139 Tuxedo. 2nd floor drywall, taping, mudding and painting now 100% complete, and the finishing carpentry has been finished. Millwork installation is 50% done with flooring install to begin next week. Final electrical and lighting installation has begun and 50% of HVAC units are now in place. 3rd floor drywall, taping and mudding are complete and 50% of the units have been painted. The finishing carpentry is 50% done. 4th floor plumbing is now 100% complete. Drywall is finished and taping has begun. Finishing carpentry contribution is going to commence next week. 5th floor electrical rough-ins are 90% finished and the plumbing contribution is 75% complete. HVAC rough-ins have been installed and exterior insulation is to begin next week.

Acrylic and masonry contractors are on site preparing for the season. Scaffolding is to be installed on the west side of the building by month end. Temperature permitting, we hope exterior work can begin next month.

There are still a number of owners with an outstanding balance at one or more of the suppliers. If you are unsure if you have an amount owing, please contact the suppliers directly to coordinate payment.


Myles Kraut
President – Karma Development