139 Tuxedo Update

Dear Future Residents,

Welcome to your latest update for 139 Tuxedo.

2nd floor – 75% of cabinetry is complete. 75% of flooring is done. Painting contribution is 75%. Baseboard installation has begun and is approximately 25% complete. Lighting fixtures are installed in 75% of units. Plumbing fixtures are on site and 20% have been installed. Interior doors and hardware installation has begun. 100% of HVAC units are complete.

3rd floor – Painting is 75% complete. 100% of flooring is on site and has been installed in 20% of units. Cabinetry is 40% complete. 75% of unit have lighting fixtures installed. Plumbing fixtures will arrive on site by month end. HVAC for all units have been installed.

4th floor – Wood work and interior doors are 75% complete. Window casings are 75% installed. Painters are working diligently and completed 40% of units. 75% of HVAC units are installed. Electrical and plumbing rough ins are done and inspected.

PH floor – Drywall is 100% complete. Taping has 75% done. Electrical and plumbing rough ins have passed all city of Winnipeg inspections. Painting is to commence by month end.

Exterior work – Corner unit curtain wall windows are on site and currently being installed. We anticipate completion by month end. The application of acrylic stucco is ongoing and is approximately 25% complete. Masonry prep work is 50% complete and the material is currently on site. We expect Masonry work to begin by mid-June

Now that all of our mechanical and electrical contribution is complete throughout the building, we have been able to determine the number of storage rooms available for purchase. The price will be $15,000 per room.

1 room available on the 2nd floor
2 rooms available on the 3rd floor
3 rooms available on the 4th floor
2 rooms available on the PH floor

Much like a parking stall, after purchased, the storage rooms will be assigned to a unit’s title with an exclusive use agreement. The storage rooms can be sold or transferred accordingly. They will have a private entrance with a separate lock. Rooms are approximately 88 sq/ft with a 9 or 10ft ceiling height (dependent on floor). With only 8 units available, we are not limiting rooms to be purchased by residents on their floor.

We have received many inquiries regarding possession dates. We meet weekly with all trades to determine site schedules and ultimately the completion of each trade’s contribution. Our latest update with our trades indicates possession dates will commence in the month of August 2019. Residents will be moving in floor by floor, beginning with the 2nd and moving up. We can accommodate a maximum of 2 move-ins per day. A deficiency walkthrough of your unit will be scheduled approximately 3 weeks prior to possession. During the walkthrough we will identify any deficiency’s in your unit. Our goal is to have the majority of the deficiencies repaired prior to your move in date.


Myles Kraut
President – Karma Development