139 Tuxedo Update

Dear Future Residents,

Welcome to your latest update for 139 Tuxedo.

Exterior work – We currently have 80 workers on site working daily. Masonry work for the South facing portion of the building is 100% complete, the West facing portion is 60% finished and the East facing portion is 40% complete. Acrylic detail throughout the building is 85% done, South ramp piles are now complete and the walls are prepped to be poured. Air conditioning units and gas piping on the roof are 85% complete.

2nd floor – 75% of cabinetry is complete. 75% of flooring is done. Corner unit painting, priming and finishing carpentry is 100% finished. Lighting fixtures are installed in 75% of units. Plumbing fixtures are on site and 75% have been installed. Interior doors and hardware installation is 75%% complete. 2ndfloor common spaces are painted with all light fixtures installed.

3rd floor – 75% of cabinetry is complete. 75% of flooring is done. Corner unit drywall is finished with 50% of the painting contribution complete. 75% of units have lighting fixtures installed. 75% of Plumbing fixtures have been installed. 3rdfloor common spaces are 50% painted.

4th floor – Wood work and interior doors are 75% complete. Window casings are 75% installed. Painters are working diligently and completed 75% of units. Corner unit drywall installation is complete and painting is to commence following the 3rdfloor. 50% of electrical fixtures have been installed. Plumbing fixture install is to begin by week-end. Common area is 100% drywalled.

PH floor – HVAC units are installed in 75% of units. Drywall and taping is 100% done except for corner windows. Electrical and plumbing rough ins have passed all city of Winnipeg inspections. Painting is 75% complete and taping is ongoing. Woodwork is done in 75% of units.


Myles Kraut

President – Karma Development