139 Tuxedo Update

Dear Future Residents,

Welcome to your latest update for 139 Tuxedo.

Exterior work – We currently have 80 workers on site working daily. Masonry work for the South facing portion of the building is 100% complete, the West facing portion is 75% finished and the East facing portion is 60% complete. Acrylic detail throughout the building is 95% done, South ramp piles are now complete and the walls are prepped to be poured. Air conditioning units and gas piping on the roof is 100% complete. Steel roofing on gable roofs is 85% complete and 80% of the soffit has been install throughout the building.

2nd floor – 100% of cabinetry is complete. 85% of flooring is done. Corner unit painting, priming and finishing carpentry is 100% finished. Lighting fixtures are installed in all units. Plumbing fixtures are on site and 85% have been installed. Interior doors and hardware installation are 100% complete. 2nd floor common spaces are 100% painted with all light fixtures installed.

3rd floor – 85% of cabinetry is complete. 85% of flooring is done. Corner unit drywall is finished with 100% of the painting contribution complete. All units have lighting fixtures installed. 85% of Plumbing fixtures have been installed. 3rd floor common area is 100% painted with all light fixtures installed.

4th floor – Wood work and interior doors are 90% complete. All window casings have been installed. Painters are working diligently and have completed 85% of units. Corner unit drywall installation is complete and painting is 85% complete. 75% of electrical fixtures have been installed. Plumbing fixture install is 75% done. Common area is drywalled and the painting contribution 85% finished.

PH floor – HVAC units are installed in 100% of units. Drywall and taping is 100% done except for corner windows. Electrical and plumbing rough ins have passed all city of Winnipeg inspections. Painting is 75% complete and taping is ongoing. Wood work is done in 75% of units.

Many of you have inquired on the upcoming possession dates. We certainly understand the magnitude of 139 Tuxedo and how it effects the lives of our customers. We try to provide updates as accurately and timely as possible. Please understand that issuing a possession date is a moving target. There are multiple variables which come into play and it would be extremely harmful to issue an inaccurate possession date. At this time, we are very close to completion. However, we require several permissions and permits from various government organizations prior to doing so. Rest assured that all trades understand the severity of delays and are working diligently to complete their contributions.

It is important for us to ensure that ongoing work does not negatively impact our residents after possession has been take (i.e. common area, deficiencies, exterior work). We anticipate issuing definitive possession dates for the 2nd and 3rd floors within the next 30 days. As per your contract, we are required to provide 30-day’s notice prior to offering you a possession date. However, we may be able to expedite your possession date if you are willing to waive this notice. If this interests you, please respond to this email acknowledging that you do not require the 30-day notice. Please accept my apologies for the delay and do not hesitate to contact me anytime with any other questions or concerns.


Myles Kraut

President – Karma Development